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To start, I would like to issue this thought experiment:

You were born a billionaire, enjoying the luxurious lifestyle of the rich, owning boats, planes, cars, houses, and expensive gadgets.

One day, you wake up unable to see anything — everything is dark because you’ve become blind. No doctors can help you, and you become desperate thinking that everything you have is now meaningless. You can’t see your boat, your plane, or your house — you can’t see anything.

One day, a doctor comes to your house and says that he can heal you, but under one condition: You must…

The definition of justice can seem pretty straightforward, but believe me, it’s not.

Is justice equality? Fairness? Getting what we deserve? Or what we need?

  • There is an interesting ancient greek understanding of justice as harmony, So a just society is a society in which everyone does what he has to do for the society to run smoothly. Meaning that violating your place in society — even if it’s a place you don’t want to be in- is considered unjust.
  • Justice as equality means that everyone should get the same kind and amount of stuff as everyone else no matter…

When we hear the word stoic nowadays, we think of a person who shows indifference to tragedies that happen to them, a person who stands still regardless of how many times life hits him. But the original meaning of stoicism was much more than that.

Once upon a time, in the city of Cyprus, the was a very wealthy man called Zeno of Citium. He was taking his ship sailing in the seas holding all of his treasures and wealth, and then his ship sank, taking with it all of the wealth that he has collected in his whole life…

It’s the popular ‘‘The ends justify the means’’.

Machiavellian is an interesting philosophy, some people think it’s a devilish ideology, and some people think it is just realistic.

In 1513, Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli wrote the famous book ‘the prince’ as advice to European princes. In his book, he doesn’t seem concerned about morality at all, instead, he talks about power, how to gain it and how to keep it.

He encouraged any behavior that can help to maintain power, even if it meant taking a morally wrong path.

Machiavelli advises showing the good appearance of a king such…

What makes a good life has been one of the most highly debated topics in philosophy. Are you living a good life? How can you know?

As Aristotle said: “the unexamined life is not worth living”

Unlike most people, Aristotle didn’t think about happiness as material wealth, instead, he thought it was all about learning and trying to acquire intellectual virtues.

He also thought that dedicating your life only to learning is not enough, he also thought that one must act right and have features like courage or generosity which are acquired through life experience and habituation.

He thought that…

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One of the things we often hear is “Follow your passion.”

But how accurate is this? Can we really find passion in life?

First of all, you can’t “find your passion” because how can you find something when you don’t even know what is it that you're looking for? You might argue that our passion is the thing we “enjoy” and “naturally gravitate to”. But actually, you can become passionate about anything you’re successful in.

Secondly, you must first go through a really hard and long period of learning and training, and only when you become really good at something, can you really enjoy it and make it your passion.

In short, passion isn’t found, but rather cultivated. It’s all about enjoying the process and learning new and valuable skills along the way.

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